Chessex Dice. Translucent Red/white d4 dice

Chessex Dice. Translucent Red/white d4 dice

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Chessex: Translucent - Pink/White - Polyhedral 7-Die Set (CHX23084) – Gnomish Bazaar

These 16mm dice have a great look, feel, and roll. They are numbered 1 to 6 with traditional dice pips, spots, etched into the surface of the dice. Use these dice to play your favorite dice and board games or create your own game. 12 dice and 1 plastic display case included with purchase.

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Chessex Dice. Translucent Pink/white d4 dice

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Translucent Red & White Chessex Dice Set (7) – Viridian Gaming

This set of dice from Chessex is perfect for your roleplaying games and other games that require polyhedral sided dice!, Chessex is the world's

Dice 7-set Opaque (16mm) 25404 Red / White

Translucent dice are in clear and bold colors, giving them a gem-like quality. They are an excellent addition to any dice collection. This set contains one D20, one D12, two D10 (00-90 and 0-9), one D8, one D6, and one D4.

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