Find Best Fishing Pliers in Goa, Split Ring Pliers

Find Best Fishing Pliers in Goa, Split Ring Pliers

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Googan Squad Split Ring Pliers

These compact split ring pliers are the perfect match for the jigging angler. They can cut through braid and mono with ease and make changing assist

EZ Open Split Ring Pliers


The Fitzgerald Fishing 6 split ring pliers arent just another set of pliers. They incorporate a couple of key features that actually work. The grips are coated in heat resistance plastic so the metal grips dont burn your hands when its hot outside. The pliers have a cutter that cuts all types of line with ease! They also have a split ring tool that is the perfect size so they work well to assist you while changing your treble hooks.

Fitzgerald Fishing 6 Split Ring Pliers FFSRP

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