Captain's Choice , Microfiber Chenille Boat Wash Mitt ICM-MCM-911

Captain's Choice , Microfiber Chenille Boat Wash Mitt ICM-MCM-911

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Captain's Choice? ICM-MCM-911 boat washing mitt is made of plush ultra soft microfiber chenille and features an elastic cuff to stay on your hand while cleaning. The super-absorbent, super-soft, microfiber chenille will not scratch, is safe on all painted surfaces, gelcoat, glass, and metal and hold lots of soapy water. Features and Spec of ICM-MCM-911 Microfiber Chenille Boat Wash Mitt. Gentle on Gel Coat but Tough on Dirt and Grime.

Captain's Choice™ Triple Action Boat Groomer ICM-965 offers three features in one boat washing sponge. The absorbent poly sponge hold large amounts of

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Use these plush microfiber cloths for polishing, waxing, cleaning, drying and dusting. They even work great in the galley. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come.

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Lusterlab Marine Boat Soap Wash and Wax is a new technology developed in a lab as a 5 in 1 boat wash, salt and grime repellent, wax, polish and shine. It restores and fortifies your boat's clear acrylic coating and protects against acid rain and sun fade. Cleans all boat surfaces including aluminum, stainless steel, vinyl seating, wheels, tires & glass. One Quart contains contains 8-10 uses and can save you time and $100's by replacing other cleaning products.

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MR.SIGA microfiber soft chenille mitt has great absorption, double sided, which holds water and soap excellently, perfect for cleaning vehicle,

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Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt

Lustrelab®’s boat washing sponge is a high retention, low density, highly absorbent, polyurethane washing sponge. When used with the Lustrelab® Marine

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