Micron Artist Pens

Micron Artist Pens

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Micron felt-tipped artist pens will not feather or bleed on paper., Great for precision work in many applications. Different levels of fine detail

These fine-point pens feature waterproof, quick drying pigmented ink for permanency and true color reproduction. Use for graphics, drafting, illustration or accounting. Experience smooth, skip-free writing and crisp ink colors that leave consistent lettering and lines every time. The archival ink is acid-free, chemically stable and fade resistant. It does not smear, feather or bleed-through on most papers.

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Micron Pigma Bible Study Kit

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Nib size for precise line-width is 0.20-mm. Artist fineliner pen ideal for drawing & sketch pens Used in illustration pens, calligraphy, Card making, technical drawings, bullet journal and scrapbooking supplies Archival quality ink for use in acid-free environments.

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