Paint Party  Tutus & Toads

Paint Party Tutus & Toads

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quot;Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."  ~Pablo Picasso The years have gone by so fast and I can't believe Samay already turned six years old last November! I am excited to be finally posting his paint-themed birthday party that we hosted a few month…

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Paint Party Tutus & Toads

Tutu Painting

UNFRAMED PRINT - I have to put this in for the people that don't read the words Unframed Print in the title. Of course if they didn't read the title or the words on the pictures they probably won't read this LOL. It's a print. It's not printed on wood, stone, slate, matboard, or any other kind of substrate. It's not thick sign, it's a print. It's not framed. That's why every picture says Frame not Include.

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Paint Party Tutus & Toads

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