Ritza 25 Tiger Thread, Waxed Polyester, Brown

Ritza 25 Tiger Thread, Waxed Polyester, Brown

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Ritza 25 Tiger Thread, Waxed Polyester, Medium Brown

Sample Cards RITZA 25 Tiger Waxed Thread Julius Koch Leather Hand Sewing.4 sizes

Thread for Hand Sewing Leather

Known for its strength and durability, this thread is the preferred choice of professional leatherworkers Finely-braided 100% polyester thread is lightly waxed and perfect for hand sewing Imported from Germany 1.0 mm, 50 meter spool About Ritza Ritza Tiger Thread is renowned for it's exceptional strength and durability. Perfect for hand stitching, this 100% polyester, lightly waxed thread is a favorite of professional leathercrafters everywhere. Imported from Germany.

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Ritza Tiger Thread

Cream 0.8mm Ritza 25 Tiger Thread for Leather Craft, Waxed Tiger Thread, Ritza 25 Thread, Waxed Polyester