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Sewing Needles are pointed tools used for passing threads through fabrics to create stitches. While bone and wood sewing needles have been found dating back to prehistoric times, the Sewing Needles of today are generally made from steel. Sewing Needles can further be coated with various metals, like durable titanium or corrosion-resistant gold. Sewing Needles can be found in different styles and sizes. The style, usually abbreviated as a number, refers to the application and point of the needle. Some styles of Sewing Needles include applique, ballpoint, embroidery, leather, quilting, universal, and upholstery. Additionally, size is an important factor when choosing Sewing Needles. Whether European or American, the size number correlates to the diameter of the needle. When a Sewing Needle is smaller in size, it passes thread through the fabric without leaving a noticeable hole. That being said, larger-sized Sewing Needles

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