Tillandsia | Spanish Moss

Tillandsia | Spanish Moss

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Spanish moss, or Tillandsia Usneoides, will be an easy and fun addition to your plant collection.

Common Myths about Spanish Moss and Lichen

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Spanish Moss (MatBio: EPIPHYTES & PARASITES - Matanzas

This listing is for Spanish Moss thick form., You will receive moss that will be 10-12 or 20-24 depending on your selection., Tillandsia

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12″+ long, NOTE: Moss may have some brown parts in the center. This is natural from growing in clusters. The brown leaves are older parts of the

Tillandsia usneoides, super fine green, Spanish moss

Untangling Spanish Moss

Yunaksea Fresh Spanish Moss Live Air Plant, 2 Gallon Bag, Tillandsia Air Plant Live Spanish Moss Plant Live Decorative Garden Craft Basket