Evidence for policymaking in Argentina, there we go!

Evidence for policymaking in Argentina, there we go!

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Argentina: The Convergence of COVID-19 and Institutional Violence - India China Institute

Translating citizen-generated air quality data into evidence for shaping policy

The rise and fall of Argentina, Latin American Economic Review

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PDF) Exploring health researchers' perceptions of policymaking in Argentina: a qualitative study

Evidence for policymaking in Argentina, there we go!

What policymakers should know about improving gender equality in Latin America and the Caribbean - Atlantic Council

PDF) Survey of Argentine Health Researchers on the Use of Evidence in Policymaking

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PDF) The Policy-Making Capacity of Foreign Ministries in Presidential Regimes: A Study of Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, 1946–2015

Enhancing Policy-making During an Emergency: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic - International Science Council

A comparison of school decentralization policies in Argentina and Brazil.

How Do States Behave? A Comparative Analysis between China and Argentina

Peru Coup, Argentina Arrest and Attacks on “Pink Tide” Highlight Importance of People's Movements: Q&A with James Early - Toward Freedom